Best Business Growth Tips for You on Facebook – 3 millions Audience Size

business growth

This is the Best Business Growth Tips that we are going to know. But before you get forward, you need to know how does a business grow usually. Let’s say you have a product, doesn’t matter it is digital product or physical product, the product may be your own made or you are an affiliate and you want the product as many as it is sold in numbers. Generally people think to advertise the product so that people see the product and they buy it if they feel interested in it. But reality is something different.

N.B. Of course you can have any social media platform for your business like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc. But when it is about millions of followers, it doesn’t matter which platform you are using.

business growth
Reasons Why Business Growth Fails

Let’s say, you are an affiliate, you have picked a product that brings you $15 profits per sale. Now you need audiences group where you will advertise your product. Generally, you will pay Facebook for advertising the product and your budget is not more than $50. You need at least 4 sales to overcome your investment and further sales will turn into profit. But wait a minute! Will you be able to make 4 sales or even more? There are some facts of generating sales by Facebook advertising.

  1. Impression
  2. Reach
  3. Link Clicks

Impression means the number of people, who have seen your product through Facebook advertising. Reach means the number of people who have reacted over your product or showed interest in your product. Link Click means the number of people who have visited your product link. Then it comes the chances of product sales. Basically, the more you have impressions, the more you have reach, the more you have link click and finally the more you have chances of sales. Now come to the point, will $50 investment for Facebook advertising for your product be enough for the impression which will convert into sales? Think yourself how hard the reality is! There may be more affiliates who are investing 100 dollars, 200 dollars or even more for the same product. Now feel the competition.

business growth
Business Growth Boosts

As we know that as more as impression is gained as more as reach we will have and as more as reach we get as more as link clicks will be got, chances of getting sales will highly be increasing as a result. Instead you invest on Facebook Advertising, find proper influencers for promoting your product. You can visit any freelance marketplaces to find your proper freelancer for promoting your product. People who have Facebook group or page with 50k, 100k, 200k, 1millions and even 3millions followers can help you sell your product in a very decent way. You pay them and they highlight your product with your product link towards there millions of followers. Instantly you get millions of impressions, now think yourself, for any business if you have millions of impressions, how much sales you will generate!

business growth
When You Find Good Freelancer/Influencer (Business Growth Tips)

Well, good influencers will never deal with you outside of any professional marketplaces against their rules and policies. There are marketplaces like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork etc where you will find proper influencers as freelancers. Some of them have done a lot of projects, and some are freshers. Your focus should be the audiences they maintain. The influencers/freelancers who have more followers, have more demands and you should talk to them, negotiate with them and make a deal. We have noticed a freelancer for you to check out who has 3millions+ Facebook members and they are doing projects like this.

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