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Lenses For Fashion Photography – How to Choose The Perfect One

The 35mm lenses are very much an underrated focal length. It’s because maybe all kinds of 35mm film cameras pop up when you type “35mm” into the search bars. Or maybe it’s because its longer brother, since Henri Cartier-Bresson mentioned how much he preferred the mighty 50mm, has been stealing its thunder ever. It also…

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit – Fashion Photography Tips & Facts

When you realize about Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit, Whether you’re doing fashion shoots in your own studio where you can control everything or you’re shooting models on a runway for big, chaotic events such as Fashion Week, here is the best guide to the gear you’ll need. Fashion photography is hectic and fun and sometimes very…


Smartphone Fashion Photography – Best 12 Tips of All Times

Smartphones for fashion photography! People don’t normally think of using smartphones for that shoots. However, they’re now more than capable of producing breathtaking images with the high-resolution cameras these devices feature these days. With these few simple smartphone fashion photography tips and tricks, you might not even need that DSLR for your next #OOTD. 12….

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Commercial/Fashion Photography Cameras – Expert Fashion Lessons

This article is an important part of our Gear Guides. You know we try to continually update each article as new and new featured cameras are released, but again, if you feel like we’ve missed something to mention, please comment below! The world of commercial and fashion photography is very diverse. Your lighting and camera…