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Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit – Fashion Photography Tips & Facts

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit

When you realize about Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit, Whether you’re doing fashion shoots in your own studio where you can control everything or you’re shooting models on a runway for big, chaotic events such as Fashion Week, here is the best guide to the gear you’ll need.

Fashion photography is hectic and fun and sometimes very interesting in it that it’s a pressure cooker as you work to get the photos right in camera no matter what the lighting conditions, and you send the pictures/images to your client (which could be a newspaper or magazine, ad agency, designer, model or fashion house) under tight deadlines. You could do well if you thrive under pressure and have mastered color and light, but you may have there plenty of competition. Here are the tools we are mentioning for you that you’ll need to get it right the first time.

Here are several items and the items will help you get your job done better in time.

For studio photography:

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit

Light Meter: You are in control; you should use a flash meter so that you can get the exposure right. Flash meters can be inexpensive models such as the Interfit Photographic FM-10, This kind of flash meter captures incident and reflects light and the mid-range Sekonic L-308S Flashmate, which captures flash and ambient exposures with accuracy to 1/10 of a stop and the spare-no-expense Kenko KCM-3100, will also give you exact color temperature readings so you can custom-set your camera’s white balance to match the scene—when trying to match the colors which is very important and the colors of the clothing you are photographing.

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit for photography

Monolights: Then you need a set of monolights with modeling lights and these will give you the fine control you need for your studio assignment. All you need to start with a pair of lights and build from there. Did you know about the Flashpoint Classic Umbrella Duo-Light 1220M 2 MonoLight Kit which is a well thought out kit and again this type of kit will give you the tools to create fashion and beauty studies, amazing portraits and even event group photography. But of course you can add additional monolights over time if you want.

Beauty Dish: What it exactly does? it reflects the direct flash into a larger, circular shape that creates a larger and even more flattering light. Beauty dishes are designed for use with specific lights or brands in most cases, and most of them are designed for studio lights. Some equipment’s like the Flashpoint 21-inch Soft Reflector Beauty Dish that is compatible with any Monolight. The Interfit Photographic Beauty Dish/Mini Reflector is compatible with shoe-mount flashes.

Ring Light: Fashion shooters have adapted a handful of ring lights for a shadowless look and the donut-shaped reflection that shows in the model’s eyes in while most Ring Lights are designed for macro photography and you will notice which have relatively weak light output that is clear. This is the secret is to work fairly close. The Orbis Ring Flash Attachment redirects the light into a circle around your lens, giving your photos the ring-flash look and fits around your shoe-mount flash.

Tripod: With a Tripod, get precise control over camera angle. You may already have one, but if you don’t, the Velbon GEO E535D Carbon Fiber Tripod with a PHD-53D Pan/Tilt head is a sturdy workhorse.

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit Access

Reflectors: By using a reflector, you can fill in those shadows and bounce light into your subject’s face or to illuminate the latest style being worn. Get a few inexpensive Glow 42-inch 5-in-1 reflectors , These items will give you a flexible variety of light-redirecting options in a very decent way.

lenses for fashion photography
Lenses for Fashion Photography
Fashion Photographer’s Toolkits for you

You’ll need a background stand for a good background. All you need to start simple with a basic Seamless White backdrop. The Flashpoint 10-foot Background Support Stand with White Seamless paper background is a good way to get started. Your sets may become more sophisticated as you learn and include props and furniture, or anther is you may end up taking your set on location.

For fashion shows:

Shooting the runway at a fashion show is the opposite while you can control almost all facets of your images in a studio. There will be models are almost constantly in motion and other photographers tussling for the best spot. You may be able to use your own flash—or may be at the mercy of the provided light. It depends on the venue’s rules quitely. Be prepared to adapt to different environments and shoot fast!

Monopod: Here is a thing that runways tend to be crowded affairs and there certainly won’t be space for you to set up a tripod, but don’t worry you may be able to shoot with a monopod that’s why it is. All you need is to bring a small one such as the 3Pod PM3A with a ball head.

Vertical grip: Another thing is that you’ll be shooting mostly vertical format, so that you might as well set up for maximum comfort. A vertical camera grip can help if there is one available for your camera. Did you know that the most vertical grips double as power packs, and that’s fine: The extra battery power means you can change batteries as often and keep shooting without having to stop. Find vertical grip for your camera here.

Flash: Bring a flash for a better visualization but if the venue says not to use it, honor that rule or you will be removed immediately. A good strong one, along with a diffuser, will help you a lot if you are allowed to use a flash. Attention please and look for compatible shoe-mount flashes here. You will find Camera Flashes & Slaves here.

Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit accessories to buy
Fashion Photographer’s Toolkit accessories for essential purpose

Bracket: A bracket that lets you quickly flip flash alternatively and camera from horizontal to vertical mode will make your rig a bit bulkier, but it will give you flexibility. To reduce the chance of redeye, it also elevates your flash higher above your lens. The Flashpoint Camera Flip Flash Bracket which is almost used by every Fashion Photographers and also is a popular option. Via either a hardwire or wireless transmitter such as the Radio Popper Nano Set, you can connect your flash to your camera.

You have another great option, and that is the Flashpoint Rotating Camera Flip-Flash Bracket With Integrated Anti Twist Plate. This bracket allows you to smoothly rotate vertical or horizontal shots almost any SLR camera 90°, even the cameras with add-on power grips, maintaining the look of your lighting while keeping the flash stationary above the camera.

There are many more other things that won’t fit in your toolkit but as you do some advance staffs then you will need: A makeup artist and hair stylist, an art director, appropriately selected models, props (per the Art Director) and a crew. You should start simply and need to try out different local experts as you build your business and portfolio. And again and last of all you must consider joining Model Mayhem to find other like-minded models and need specialists who are breaking into the field.

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