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Lifetime Business Growth Strategies using Pinterest

Starting a new business? A start up? Need a lot of sales? Hope need a potential traffic on your website! Yes, you can do with these very free and effective business growth strategies. Described in details, read till the end to have a better decision. Did you know? Pinterest is a social media which is kind of sharing people’s interest. Pin your interest, that’s what it means. If you are thinking about growing your business, extend and increase your audiences Pinterest is perfect for that. For growing your business initially, you need a group where should be a lot of traffic of your nich related and potential audiences. When you get the group enriched with those potential visitors, people will try to find the niche and take action or will try to engage with your direction. When people see that you are publishing suitable and good contents of your niche to that group, people’s impression for your group will be increasing gradually. When a great number of audience notice something good or unique, some of the potential buyers will buy and get engaged with you. The more you publish, the more you get audiences and the more you get engagements, the more you get sales and organic visitors.

Is Pinterest better than Facebook for any business start up?


Pinterest is a place where almost 200m+ visitors come to search for their interest every single month. They are not only visitors but also potential buyers. Because for an example, analytics says that before buying a single product people from America, Europe and Australia search that on Pinterest. It means the vast number of audiences look for what they need on Pinterest. Just create Pins on your Pinterest account with attractive images and suitable titles including links. People will come to visit your profile pins and when they are interested, they get engaged. That’s it! That’s how it’s easy. Among the potential audiences, if you try to run a paid ads on Pinterest, you are going to boost your business two times faster then. Paid or free, you are getting benefited from any angel you choose to do your business. Among all the business growth strategies, using pinterest is more effective than any other platforms. 

On the other hand, Facebook! it’s also a good social media platform to show your business and expertise. Facebook, it’s a social media site kind of smooth connection and communication. People use facebook because it’s easy to use and very much useful for getting connected with friends and family around the world. For an example from Africa, anyone can share files, documents, photos, videos etc to America. No matter where you from and where to share and communicate. The main reason of a facebook user is to get connected with people and make comunity where anyone can comment their thoughts. For this reason, though you make a group or page of 100,000 people, engagements with your products and website will not be in an expected amount. Even they will not be aware of your announcements and posts, sometimes you may be ignored. In a result, you are not getting any benefits from that group, even from facebook. But facebook is a great platform if you continuously run paid ads for your business, you can create a community. It’s about a lot of investments that you need to consider.

But how to grow my Pinterest audiences?


For any business, it is essential to reach your niche to a maximum number of audiences. In the case of Pinterest, you must have a Pinterest account and should be verified. Then you need to Pin your interest according to your business and niche. 500 to 1000 pins almost should be published for your account trying 5 to 6 months. Yes, it takes much time to rank your profile and pins higher so that people can easily find your profile and pins. Gradually you will see 10k, 20k, 30k visitors per month visiting your profile and getting impressed with your pins you published before. As the impression gets higher, engagement will also be higher. As a result, you will be able to draw attention of 30k+ audience’s attention on your business. It is just an example. If you continue hard work on Pinterest like me, you will notice a massive number of visitors coming to your profile and engaging with your pins. This is very helpful and effective for any online business. These are the best business growth strategies on internet for any online business.

Don't have much time to grow Pinterest profile? Need help?

It’s not an overnight staff! You must take a lot of efforts on your profile and you also need to publish pins in regular basis which is not easy for anyone who is starting newly a business. Well, introducing myself, I’m Masudur Rahman, CEO, blog), a professional web designer and well known web developer and graphics designer as well. I have been working for 5 years as a Digital Marketing Analyst on Fashion Blogs, helped many potential business starters grow their business faster. I have already shared with you my personal business growth strategies above. I created my Pinterest profile for business purposes and helped my clients through my account. Monthly 50k+ organic visitors are visiting my profile and getting impressed with my Pins. Amount of traffic on my profile is increasing crazily day by day because i publish pins 5 to 10 times in a day. Near future, millions of traffic will be noticed on my Pinterest profile. Feel free to message me anytime for any business talk please. Contact me!

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